Driving Lessons

We offer a full range of driving lessons to suit your needs. Our female instructors are Driving Standards Agency approved and can offer 1, 1.5 and 2 hour lessons or longer if you require.

We offer comprehensive driving lessons for all abilities

Your instructor will plan your driving lessons to suit you and will advise you when you are ready to take your practical test.

Nervous Pupils

Want to learn to drive but nervous of trying to cope with both the car and the traffic?

This six hour intensive course will help you gain confidence and control of the car BEFORE you have lessons on busier roads.

This driving course will teach you all the skills you need to gain control of the car in a safe environment away from busy roads. Learning this way will boost your confidence and should enable you to drive more quickly. The driving course will teach you to:

  • Safely move off, accelerate, slow down and stop the car
  • Correctly steer the car
  • Change gear
  • Deal with junctions
  • Use mirrors correctly

Pass Plus

We offer additional driving lessons to help you improve after passing your test

Remember, once you have passed you practical test you still have a lot to learn. You can continue your training by taking a 'Pass Plus' course. This is a six hour training course designed to improve your skills and awareness and increase your ability to spot potentially dangerous situations on all types of road, including driving on the motorway.

This course helps you to be a more considerate, alert and safe driver, therefore many insurance companies will offer you a discount on your car insurance.

Motorway Driving Lessons

Once you have passed your test, a motorway lesson will help you deal with high speed motoring, changing lanes and joining and exciting at junctions.

Refresher Driving Lessons

If you have passed your driving test some time ago and have not driven for a long while, you may feel nervous about getting back behind the wheel. Regain your confidence quickly by taking a few refresher lessons with one of our instructors.

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