The Driving Test

Before you are able to drive on the roads without an instructor you must pass both the theory and practical tests.

The Theory Test

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Knowing how to be safe on the road is just as important as knowing how to handle the car. The Theory test has been designed to teach you to 'read the road' and therefore hopefully avoid accidents. You must have passed your theory test before you can apply for a practical test.

Multiple Choice Questions

The multiple choice part of the theory test consists of 50 questions. These questions are all based on the Highway Code and road safety issues.

Hazard Perception Test

The theory test also includes a Hazard Perception Test. The aim of this test is to raise your awareness and perception skills, therefore making you more aware of the approaching hazards. This part of the Theory test consists of a number of videos where you must identify the oncoming hazards.

The Practical Test

Passing your driving test allows you to tear up your L plates

The practical driving test is designed to test that you can drive safely in a variety of different road and traffic conditions and demonstrate that you have a good knowledge of the Highway Code.

Show Me, Tell Me

The Show Me, Tell Me part of the practical test, tests your knowledge of basic car maintenance and safety. You will be asked one Show Me and one Tell Me question. All possible questions and answers can be found on the Driving Standards Agency website (PDF file).

Driving Ability

The driving section of the test will last for around 40 minutes and you will be examined on your ability to drive and reverse your car safely. You will be asked to complete one maneouver from:

  • Reversing around a corner.
  • Turning your car around in the road.
  • Reverse parking
  • Bay parking

In addition you may be asked to perform an emergency stop exercise.

Throughout the test you should drive in the way we have taught you. Do not worry if you make a minor mistake as this may not affect your test result.

Independent Driving

The practical driving test includes approximately ten minutes of independent driving. You will be asked to drive your car following either road signs or a simple map. You will be assessed on your ability to drive safely while making decisions independently.

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